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: 86-189 274 274 29
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Located in BaoAn, Shenzhen, not in city center.

--High school.
Free housing, nice or 1800 housing allowance/month.

500 Utinities Money+ 400 Meals Money/month.

Round trip airfare after 1 year contract.

Full month Salary for Winter & Summer.
8am-12pm; 2pm-5:30pm.
Will process Z visa in the future.
Must be native.
Start in September.
Max 20 classes/week.

Need for Primary, Middle, High school.

Need A Level teacher to teach High school Arts.

86-189 274 274 29

Please note that all of our positions are on a first come first service basis, and that all qualified applicants are wel-come to apply.
If the jobs which are available now do not fit yo
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