Resumes are the most important step in getting a good job.  The first thing you need to do before applying for a job is to consider writing the best resume or CV you can.

The steps you need to follow in writing resumes or CVs to achieve best results in getting an interview for a good job :

  1. Preparing your resume or CV:
  • The industry you are working in for example, teaching, engineering, English teaching, ESL, TESOL, etc.
  • The countries you want to work in.
  • The schools, universities, companies, factories, etc, you want to work for.
  • A thorough search regarding the companies or place of work.
  • What do you really do best.
  • Your experiences
  • Hobbies

Lets take an English teacher resume or CV.  Teachers resumes need to be very accurate as you will be teaching English language so there is not much room for errors or mistakes in your resume.

You can find and English or ESL teachers at resumes and samples. Look at a few of them and find what best suit you. 

To get the best results out of your resume or CV when preparing your English teaching resumes, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following:

  • Action verbs like coordinated, managed, planned, secured, conducted, examined, tested, placed, evaluated,  etc. 
  • What makes you standout in your job.
  • For example, what makes you good teacher?
  • Do you love teaching? The answer on your CV needs to show your interest in teaching.
  • Details and information in your resumes like that mentioned can boost you job hunting in the English or ESL teaching industry.
  • Projects and goals that you have achieved in teaching English
  • The age of students you like to teach for example if you like teaching kids then you want to mention your experience teaching kids.

After you have prepared your resume or CV  you need to proof read it and then edit it. This way you make sure that your resumes are error free and up to date!

 2- Posting your resume or CV in as  any job sites that are related to your work and experience.

There are so many English teaching and ESL jobs sites on the net to post resumes online free of charge. For example, ESL Jobs